The subject matter of my work is often garnered from a glimpse, something that has turned my head in my travels and I try to capture this in photograph or sketch before working on it. Something about the subject has spoken to me, be it a line, a colour or a combination of both but often its a bit unusual and like a stuck record, it goes round and round in my head until I have to play with it. I am totally in love with the Sussex countryside – its sculptural qualities really resonate with me and I know it really well but I also love going to new landscapes and extracting its peculiarities. Generally with everything I do there is a narrative buried in the work which I try to bring out. Not every piece works but that is the beauty of being an artist, you can delve deeper every time or have the capacity to change and enhance. Below is one of the largest and most accomplished paintings I have completed so far (now forming part of a private collection in London). Recently I have discovered woodcuts and lino printing which again appeals to my architectural nature and currently I am having a bit of fun producing nature related work on a smaller scale than I am used to!