SOLD: ‘Woodland walk’ Acrylic and pencil on board framed


SOLD: Bepton West, Oil on canvas


SOLD:’Sheeptastic’, Acrylic on canvas


SOLD -Heron -mixed media 100cm x 100cm


SOLD: ‘Foxes brewing’, Oil on canvas


SOLD – Burro Blanco -Oil on canvas 50 x 70cm


SOLD -Sandpit Lake – oil on canvas 38 x 48cm framed


SOLD Goodwood Bull – oil on canvas 110 x 110cm framed


SOLD: The Herd -all rights reserved


SOLD: ‘Conversations on a beach’ Acrylic on board


SOLD -After the Rain 2015 Oil on canvas and framed 102cm x 41cm x 35mm
Prints available £65 size 25″ x 10″


SOLD -North Mill 2013 – Oil on canvas 100cm x 100cm x 3cm


SOLD Hot House 2015. Oil on board 122cm x 91.5cm x 12mm. Limited Edition prints (19 of 25) available


SOLD – Crab Thief 2015
Acrylic on canvas
70cm x 70cmx 15mm with frame (selected for Stride Open Art Competition)


SOLD- Still in the Game 2015:
Oil on canvas framed 70cm x 70cm x 15mm
Limited edition prints available £45: 12” x 12”


GIFTED -Rabbit Schemer -oil on canvas 50cm x 50cm -selected for Stride 2016


NOT FOR SALE Wont Walk 2014 – Oil on linen framed 70cm x 50cm x 20mm


NOT FOR SALE -Nintendo Lament 2012 -2015 Oil on canvas 1220mm x 915mm x 30mm